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MC Services

An MC (Master of Ceremonies) is the host at an event and the duties I'll undertake depend on your event. 

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MC Services  ~ From $450

An MC is the person who presents a professional and cohesive event to your guests.  It's my responsibility to keep the timeline on track and the mood upbeat and professional.​

It's important that an MC is friendly, with a great sense of humour, and can improvise and put people at ease.  Because things don't always go to plan, it's my job to react to any situation appropriately and in case of emergency, guide your guests safely and calmly.

My main duties as an MC might include:

  • Meeting with you/your organiser(s) prior, to understand your event and agenda

  • Learn about your presenters/guests and write suitable introductions for them where necessary

  • Ensure your presenters and special guests are present and introduce them to the stage

  • Interview guests and facilitate panel discussions

  • Recognise and thank your sponsors

  • Keep your event flowing seamlessly, to the agenda and on time

MC Services start from $450 and are dependent on the time commitment involved.

Travel: Locations within a 50km radius of my home are included in my fee.
Travel is charged at $0.77/km beyond the 50km boundary. 

If accommodation or flights are required, we'll talk about that separately. 

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