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Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are an increasingly popular way to celebrate the birth of a child by acknowledging them and the special people in their lives, in a non-religious way.

These can be a great way to recognise a blended family or to introduce an adult name change after transitioning.

Naming Ceremony  ~ From $300

Naming Ceremonies are a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby; however, they can be for anyone of any age.

You may be:

  • celebrating the arrival of a new baby

  • uniting step-children or adopted children within a family

  • celebrating or introducing an adult name change


Indoors or outdoors, you can hold your Naming Ceremony in any location. Some choose a garden or park, others book a venue, or hold it in your home. 

I work with you to develop a ceremony that touches on all the important points for you - the special people, the meaning of the name, readings and telling the story you want to share. 


Naming Ceremonies are a great time to gather together friends and family and celebrate this new part of your life.

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