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Choosing your Ceremony music

Do you have a couple of meaningful songs that you would like to play at your wedding ceremony? Or do you and your partner have ‘your song’ - the one that makes you instantly look at each other as soon as it comes on?

Whatever your song may be, have you fully proofed it for your wedding ceremony?

Before you jump straight in and add it on to the ceremony playlist, here’s a few snippets of advice to ensure that your song fits in perfectly with your ceremony.

No music is the wrong choice if it's meaningful to you!

So, your song might not be a romantic Ed Sheeran love song, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be played. Some brides walk down the aisle to the Jurassic Park and Harry Potter theme songs. If you decide to play a rather unconventional song at the ceremony, your celebrant might like to explain the meaning of your song before it’s played. You can assume that a song, which seems out of place, is important to the couple; but it’s another thing entirely to hear the story behind the song for it to make sense to everyone.

This brings it back full circle to your love story.

Using ‘your song’ can add a beautiful personal touch to your wedding ceremony; and it allows your guests to hear more about your magic love story. But, before you go and add it to the list, how well do you know the lyrics to your song? Have you missed something?

Always listen to the words of a song from start to finish, just in case there are a few inappropriate lyrics – it’s a good idea to read the lyrics word for word. You don’t want to be signing the register and then some not so suitable words pop up that don’t fit the sentimentality of the occasion.

If the song’s lyrics aren’t entirely appropriate for a wedding ceremony, but the song is meaningful to you, have a think about using the instrumental version instead.

Using an instrumental/acoustic version of your song creates the perfect opportunity to remove the lyrics. Your favourite rock song can also be brought down a notch or two with instrumental music; this will also help bring a calmer ambience to the wedding.

Your song might just have a couple of minor glitches. If there is one verse that you don't like or you think that the song is too long, don’t bin it just yet! If you have a favourite verse or there’s a verse you don't like, see if you can edit (or phone a friend!) the song to loop the verse you like or remove one you don’t!

Remember, it is YOUR ceremony so you can personalise it as much as you want. Your special song can be adapted to the tone of your wedding.

Even if the ‘song’ doesn’t have a perfect place in the ceremony, it doesn’t mean the lyrics don’t! I can weave the lyrics into the ceremony, or your vows, or perhaps the lyrics can be read by someone special, like a poem.

Most importantly, have fun on your special day – there are no hard and fast rules.

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