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What do I need to arrange for my ceremony?

When you're wedding planning, there's soooo much to think about! Often, it's easy to forget that there's things you'll need to arrange for the ceremony itself.

Here's my list of the 5 key things you'll need to consider:

Marriage Licence!

This is the most important one, so I've put it at the top. You can apply for your licence online here. You'll need to know who your Celebrant is for this, so make sure you have that sorted. At present, it costs $150 for the licence, and if you want to pre-order a copy of your marriage certificate (handy for name changes and ID etc), you can order one during the process. This costs an additional $33.


You will need two witnesses present on the day. They must be able to understand what's happening, and not be intoxicated. You can choose whoever you like! Just keep in mind if you want to have children as your witnesses, they need to fully understand what they are signing - this is a legal document, after all.


If you want to incorporate music into your ceremony, here's my tips:

Processional - a song for when you enter. Some weddings see both partners enter to a song, some just one, some have a different song for the bridal party, and a different one when you enter.

Signing the Register - I recommend two songs for this part, as there's 5 people who need to complete the paperwork; you two, your two witnesses and your celebrant.

Two songs means no rush, and if you don't need all of the music, it can be faded out when you're ready.

Recessional - a song for when the two of you walk back up the aisle as newlyweds!

And, someone to manage the music!


Who will hold the rings during the ceremony, until it comes time to exchange them? Often this will be one of your bridal party, or perhaps one of your children.

If you're wearing an engagement ring, have a think about what you want to do with it during the ceremony; whether that's wear it on your other hand, have someone special look after it or wear it on a necklace.


Discuss whether you want to write your own, or be guided by your celebrant.

If you're writing your own, discuss with one another whether they'll be serious, include humour or have a similar format, but with your own words.

It's also reassuring to know what to expect on the day when it comes to your vows. For example, I print my couples vows and hold these until they read them to one another. This means no one is reading from their phone or stuffing bits of paper in awkward places! It also makes a great keepsake for after the wedding day.

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