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So... What does an MC do at a wedding?

Your MC (Master of Ceremonies) is essentially the "face" of your event. They're the one standing in front of you and your guests, and guiding them for the event. Your MC needs to have good public speaking skills because they're representing you!

In particular, you'll want them to be engaging so they connect with your family and friends, as well as articulate, well presented and sober!

Here's some of the key tips for your MC:

  1. Have a thorough understanding of the timeline of event - from ceremony start to reception end! It's super helpful for your MC to be present at the rehearsal, so they know what to expect.

  2. Have a list of the all the required family & group photos, so you can relax and enjoy basking in the after glow of your ceremony. Have your MC round people up for photos as required.

  3. Ensure that guests are moving in to the reception space/venue in time for the reception to start.

  4. Open the reception by welcoming the guests - by introducing themselves as the MC. Let people know about exits, facilities and and other housekeeping information. Give them an overview of the general flow of the evening.

  5. Create some excitement and anticipation by announcing the entrance of the wedding party and wedding couple! Insert whoops, enthusiasm and clapping!

  6. Introduce each person who is giving a speech - it's best to have something prepared and it's great if you can give them some insider gossip to share your connection with the speaker, if they're not family.

  7. Keep speeches to times and be prepared to deal with any 'awkward' situations that may pop up.

  8. Announce meals/instructions as they arise - your MC will have details of this from the caterers and know when and how this will run. For example, if you're serving a buffet, they will announce tables as it's their turn to go up.

  9. Read out messages of congratulations from those who were unable to attend, if any. It's not unusual to include funny 'made up' messages if the situation suits.

  10. Announce the cutting of the cake

  11. Advise guests of any plans for the following day, if appropriate. It's a great idea to have printed copies of the time, location (a map if it's a tricky spot to find) and what they need to bring if anything. You don't need to have heaps of these, but a few in strategic places so people can snap a picture on their phone is perfect.

  12. Announce the throwing of the bouquet or shoe game or any other key moments before they take place.

  13. Announce the first dance (if you're having one) and invite the couple to the dance floor.

  14. Invite guests to join the dance floor following the first dance.

It's a big honour to be an MC - just be open with one another and ask plenty of questions!

Anna xx

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