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Smoke Ceremonies

Smoke Ceremonies (sometimes referred to as saging or smudging) are an ancient practice, to cleanse, create balance and incorporate aroha (love), intention and kōrero (talking).

These can be standalone ceremonies or incorporated into another ceremony.

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Smoke Ceremony  ~ Price varies, please enquire

Rooted deeply in the cultural fabric of Māori, the smoke ceremony, known as "whakanoa," holds profound spiritual significance.

In these ceremonies, aromatic plants such as lavender, pine, and calendula are burned, releasing fragrant smoke that purifies and cleanses.

The smoke is believed to carry intentions to the heavens, fostering spiritual harmony and balance, and honouring the beauty of Papatūānuku (Mother Earth).

Central to Māori spirituality, the smoke ceremony is performed on various occasions, including welcoming guests, blessing spaces, and marking significant milestones. It serves as a powerful means of connecting with ancestors, honouring the land, and seeking guidance.

Often referred to as 'saging' or 'smudging' I prefer not to use these terms, but rather drawing on my Māori heritage.  I use NZ sourced organic herbs and plants.

This can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony, if you would like.

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